Case update: Court grants anonymity to all claimants in our data breach group action against Grindr

The High Court has granted an anonymity application for all claimants in our data breach group action against Grindr, ensuring they will all remain anonymous, and their data will be protected throughout the legal proceedings.

This means that anyone who has already signed up to the claim, and any future claimants to join the action, will be protected from any risk that their identity might be revealed as having joined the claim.

This is a significant victory, and it stresses that both Austen Hays and the High Court understand that the claimants have already suffered from the breach, and that we take their privacy and safety seriously. Keeping our clients safe throughout this process is our priority.

If you have been considering signing up to the claim but were concerned about how it would impact your right to privacy and anonymity, you can now trust that you are protected by law. Feel free to register your interest here.