Our mission is to achieve meaningful outcomes for diverse groups of clients, pursuing the most challenging cases if we believe that there has been injustice.

Claims can sometimes take several years to reach settlement. During that time, we ensure that our clients understand where their claim is at key milestones through efficient communication. This is why we have invested resources in creating the AH Hub, our bespoke claims portal which will guide you through every stage of the claim process. As your litigation partner, our role is to deal with every aspect of the claim so that you can focus on other things.

For many people, litigation is an unfamiliar process, one that they may feel nervous about getting involved with. With many years’ experience of advising claimants in collective actions, we understand the concerns that people have and proactively take steps to address these at every phase of the litigation process. 


You can find out more about the class actions that Austen Hays are advising clients on by sending us a message.