Alex Thompson


Austen Hays

  • London

Alex is an experienced commercial litigator who has worked on a variety of complex and high value disputes in both the UK and internationally. His practice for the last 12 years has been predominantly claimant-focused.

Alex is driven by using litigation as a tool to achieve financial recovery for clients who have lost out due to the misconduct of others. The vast majority of Alex’s cases have been underpinned by innovative funding solutions, which have facilitated successful outcomes with limited risk to the claimant.

Alex is familiar with the hurdles that claimants often face when deciding whether to pursue litigation, particularly against blue chip opponents with deep pockets, and how these hurdles can be overcome to enable meritorious claims to be pursued successfully.

Cases that Alex has advised on include:

  1. Investigating and advising on opt-in and opt-out claims in the Competition Appeal Tribunal.
  2. Investigating shareholder actions pursuant to section 90 Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.
  3. Breach of duty claim on behalf of multiple companies against former management, resulting in a substantial out of court settlement.
  4. Dishonest assistance claim on behalf of multiple companies against a major overseas bank, resulting in a favourable out of court settlement.