Chaya Hanoomanjee

Managing Director

Austen Hays

  • London

Chaya has worked in the area of complex, large-scale litigation for many years. Chaya has extensive experience of advising on both claimant and defendant side in respect of significant group litigation cases. 

She previously led the collective actions practice at a well-known firm in this space, where she managed all aspects of the practice and had overall supervision of cases. Chaya believes that success in collective actions requires the combination of litigation expertise, investment in sophisticated technology and the ability to work through complex cost and funding mechanisms.

Her experience outside of collective actions includes litigation and regulatory investigations on behalf of financial institutions. She established and led the international in-house litigation and investigations function at a financial institution and worked within litigation funding, with particular focus on advising in relation to collective actions.

Chaya has experience of building a pipeline of collective actions cases. Cases that Chaya has advised on include:

  1. Acted on behalf of claimants on a number of group actions, including a claim against a vehicle manufacturer in respect of emissions, as well as the first international group action brought against a parent company based in England & Wales.
  2. Worked on high-profile regulatory investigations within financial institutions and collaborated with regulators in various jurisdictions.
  3. Has experience of assessing and advising in relation to litigation funding requests from law firms.
  4. Has experience of leading an in-house international litigation and regulatory investigations function.